Syre i Kalter

( 22.08.2018) -
Hello, As a family, who lives in Germany we came two days ago Sarandë. We are pleased with our hotel. The sea is very beautiful and the weather as well, but something really bad happened today to us. Today we drove to Syre i to visit the famous spring water there. We also were hungry so we went in to a restaurant. My daughter and my husband ordered something at the waiter. As the turn came to me, I asked the waitress from which animals some meats were made. But I only ordered ONE meal. As the waitress brang the meals, we were shocked because he brang all meals we asked him questions about. And as we tried to explain him that we just ordered 1 instead of 3 meals we had to cancel the main meal of my husband. After a while the other waitress brang us the third meal and he clearly said that they won’t take the meal back. We accepted the situation. But the meat of the meals were really tough. We told it to the waitress but he didn‘t really care about it. It‘s really sad that they don‘t care about customer satisfaction and let the customeres pay for their mistakes. But the worse thing is that mafias like them own all the beautiful places in this world. I hope that you now will care about the tourism of the country and do something against problems like that. yours sincerely Emine Arslaner Eminearslaner@gmail.com


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