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The profile of Saranda Municipality

​In the frame of the new territorial reform Saranda Municipality, has had considerable changes in surface, territory and its population, where a special feature is the joining with the new administrative unit of Ksamil.

Saranda Municipality is composed of Saranda and Ksamil towns and also the villages Çukë, Metoq, Gjashtë and Shelegar. After the changes of the territorial reform, Saranda Municipality is in a situation where where the existing territory and population will be extended. The administrative surface reaches aproximately 5200 ha, and the civil population will be doubled and will reach 55000 inhabitants. The town of Saranda has 36500 inhabitants. For a better menagement of the natural and human resources, it is neccesary that in the new frame, Saranda should take the role of the leader, building a strategy which will answer to the needs for development.

Saranda, is one of the main touristic destinations in Albania that's why it is neccesary to have a clear vision on which the tourism strategy would be based. Strengthening the position of the municipality in the tourism industry compared to the other regional destinations and also putting a fair scale between competition and complimentarity, is one most important points for which the strategy is needed.


The intense urban development, has created the possibility for hotels to be built in the town, which make Saranda (together with Ksamil) one of the most important touristic destinations. A redimensioning of the public infrastructure is needed because it only covers 40-45 % of the general needs.

Rehabilitating and vitalizing the urban development of the town and the whole area of around it might improve the urban development and to increase the capacities of the existing assets. Increasing the standard structures will improve the urban system and also the town's scenary and image.

For the territory development, the municipality is aiming to create the new centrals in its territory. This way we will see how the infrastructure functions but also this way the public and service areas will be more accesable. Policentric Saranda protects and allows the menagment and evaluation of natural resources and also the agricultural land. But also aplying the policentik town, the possibilities for territorial cohesion are increasedand they are also real and possible. Supporting the idea of policentralisation in the years to come the green line of Saranda will be created which will surround the living areas and it will also increase the capacity of the green spaces inside the municipality and also in the touristic area.

The municipality will aim to grow in a stable way, with planned steps, where development will be accesed by a chain of public services where housing and emploiment will be guaranteed. The new development will be put in a way that it would maximase the possibility to travel with all the transport means and also to improve the accesibility for everyone. The new development will take care for the character of the area which will be orientated in a way that it will improve the quality of life in the Municipality.


The small town's, villages and the centers of the neighborhoods will be maintained and improved in such a way that they will play an important role in providing local services and also to decrease the need of the citizens to travel to fulfill their daily needs.

The municipality will offer a secure and attractive living environment, especially with the basic services, schools, health care, cleaning, water supply, sewerage system, green areas, lights etc.

The accesibility in the municipality will be increased improving the links with the port and in a short period even with the airport. The public transport will be increased and improved to answer the increasing needs of the tourists and inhabitants also. The parking in the municipality will be improved helping the intense traficc especially during summer.

The environment and life quality will continue being improved by increasing the access to the green areas. The green area border will be established which will be protected but also enriched with new areas to increase the quality of the environment. These areas will be created to offer alternative ways of relaxing and recreation.

Economy will support its development in promoting tourism and agriculture. A special care will be made to integrate the new generation in economy and creating new possibilities for the initiatives to increase small and medium enterprises. Employment will be supported on the possibilities for education and proffesional training. The accesibility of the local products will be increased on local and regional markets and work will be done so they are promoted through tourism.




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